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For many people, the fact that the party was held at the Fairgrounds itself was very important to them. Naylea Verdinez, another recent graduate, said, “It’s great that everyone is here supporting our culture. This is the most fun thing about our community.” Another young woman, Jessica Martinez, commented, “I like that our culture is being celebrated here at the Fairgrounds.”

Mark Plum is a new Index contributing writer who will be writing articles about Latino culture in the West Liberty area. Plum says he is open to almost any story ideas; he can be reached by dialing him at 319-471-0768 or by writing to him at [email protected]

The sun was still high in the sky when the first band began playing here at the West Liberty Fairgrounds. Despite an intermittent breeze, the heat and humidity were ever-present; nevertheless, this did not deter either the musicians or the partygoers who had arrived early to be present for the very first Fiesta Latina in West Liberty: they played and danced as if they were in the most fashionable club.

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VB (Wijnand van de Zande) son las siglas de Verlichting beats, que significa ritmos de iluminación. Es un productor que hace la música que le gusta sin seguir las tendencias ni dejarse arrastrar por las opiniones de los demás. La música no es sólo su pasión. Su trabajo diario es ser analista de datos, ya que también le gusta aprender nuevos y complejos programas de software.

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What about Toni? He must have also agreed, because although we usually see him in Univision shows, the truth is that he has not signed an exclusive contract, nor is he a staff talent of that network.

Will they also close it with a kiss on the mouth like in the first one? Although we can’t be sure what the ending will be, nor can we predict the future, unlike what happened in 2011, which marked the beginning of a relationship, this could be titled as a very romantic way to end it.

Although this was not a great season in terms of ratings for ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, last Sunday, where the challenge was precisely the dance, they started an hour before ‘Así Se Baila’, and had Toni competing with Adamari, Univision’s reality show had its best Sunday in terms of gap with Telemundo’s show.

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The Texas two-step is the same step known to ballroom dancers as the international fox-trot. Except for the one-step, which is just that, most Texas dances are variations of a two-step, also called a half-step, which is simply a closing step. The Texas two-step is generally performed with two long steps and a two-to-four step step. Accelerated, it is a glide or double glide, but it is still a two-step.[5] The Texas two-step is also called a half-step.

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As with other country-western dances, there are different versions of two-step. Even the same dance may have different names depending on the area of the United States, and even in the particular dance hall. There may not be one “right” way to do a particular dance.[6] “Every dance floor presents a variety of styles…. Every region, every village, has its own way of doing the waltz and the two-step.”[7] The two-step is related to the polka, the Texas waltz, and the jitterbug.[5] The two-step is related to the polka, the Texas waltz, and the jitterbug.[5

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